Monday, 22 April 2019

Interesting Teaching Methods for Future Generations

The concepts of paperless classroom are emerging as an Innovative alternate to the old teaching learning method. Innovative teaching plays important role for the present and future of education to help students to reach their full potential. Innovative teaching involves using innovative methods and teaching learning materials for the benefits of student.

The smart classes are the new generation educational product which helps students to get more high level of understanding. Help your student to understand the real life concept through Smart classes, visualization or by playing video. Mobile devices can be used in the classroom for students to take photos/videos.
Brainstorming is a teaching strategy that maximizes the number of creative ideas. It is the best method to focus the student attention on a particular topic and providing an opportunity to share their ideas.
New interesting teaching methods can involves smart class; learning activities based on solving real life problems and small scale music mnemonics.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Nourish The Childhood of Your Little Ones

Have you ever seen your child’s face when you say “you are a bad boy/girl or don’t talk to me or directly NO” Children react emotionally to shaming, it has negative effects. Children’s mind is not developed to understand that unintentional words and as a result it manifest anxiety, stress and cripples their little minds.
Kids are innocent, believe in kindness and takes everything literally, they never feel jealous to anyone so always feed them to be positive, happy and good things.

So here are some tips to nourish the childhood of your little hearts:
  1. Don’t say that you are a bad boy/girl, give them a positive comment that you are such a best child.
  2. Don’t say them straight ‘NO’. They lose self-confidence if they hear “No and you can’t do this!” so try to give them other options instead of saying ‘No'.
  3. Instead of saying “Don’t play here” use words “call your friends to the park and play with him”.
  4. Never stop your children to argue just try to convince them with your words. Let them feel free to put their opinion, feeling and expressions.
  5. Be gentle and polite with kids.
  6. Even if you are under pressure or stress, never break a channel of communication between you and your child by saying “Don’t talk to me or leave me alone!”
As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your child happy, secure, healthy and confident to face the modern world.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Make an Instant eye connection with your child

No matter you are a working parent or not, Busy all day long, just packed up your all other priorities for making a simple instant eye connection with your child will build a strong bond with your child. Just because your little kids are growing to become a lot bigger and smellier doesn’t mean your bond and connection with them any less vital to their development. In fact, it continues to be the utmost important throughout childhood.

There are some interesting ways to make a strong bond with the kids:
  • Enjoying outdoors is a great way to unwind together without so many parent-child issues pressing in.     
  • Read a book together and ask him what he would do if faced with the same circumstances and his answer will give you a glimpse that what he perceives the world.     
  • Teach her good habits with something fun like build a painting, build a boat together, to bake the cakes and grill the burger.     
  •  Make a family date including grandparents for dinner or ice-cream where it is all about them and just fun. 
  • Play indoors like movie, video and board games and pop some popcorn.      
  • Surprise your child with a daylong trip in place like a museum, Disneyland, exhibitions or a natural attraction.      
Always welcome their emotions and encourage them to express their feelings. All you need to do is make your children feel like they are really precious and interested in their lives. 

Friday, 22 February 2019

Are you sure, you chosen the right preschool for your kids?

The admission process into a preschool has taken its own great swing. The children start undergoing interviews or entrance test to get admission.  But the selection of “The Best Preschool” In your City is the important factor of enrolling your child in a school. The parents need to understand the philosophy of the school. On the other hand the schools need to make strategies according to the children’s primary learning style to assist the kid get start in life. 

So here are some points to look for in a school:-
  • Location of School: The first thing you need to consider before selecting a school to your child is to ensure about the location of school. How far you willing to have your child bused and is it safe for him or not? You need to take utmost care while choosing a school for your child.
  • Teaching Methodology: Teachers need to adapt more innovative ideas to make teaching method effective and lovable for students. Teachers need to make sure that the child are able to understand that what is being taught otherwise student will not be able to explore himself. ·    
  • School’s Safety Measures: Is the school safe? What measures does the school take to ensure safety? What security measures are in place? These are the question that parents need to care before picking the school for their child.·         
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene: Keeping your body clean and maintain your personal hygiene is the first preference of everyone and every parents need to teach this habit to their child too. So it is the parent’s duty to choose the right and clean place for their kids.·         
  • Offerings: What extracurricular activities does the school offer on weekends? Does all the students are permitted to participate in extracurricular activities?·         
  • Facilities and Services: Parents need to consider that the school is facilitating with the well organized library, safe playrooms, nutritionally well balanced lunch or breakfast program. The school is offering indoor as well as outdoor activities or not for children’s mentally and physically growth.·         
  • Parents and Community Involvement: If the school encourages parental involvement by holding meetings and events and involves parents in the development of school policies then the school becomes first choice of parents to enroll their child. ·        
  • Class Strengths: The attendance rate of students is also a big factor to pick a school. Because if attendance rate is high means that the educator is conducting attractive and lovable strategy of teaching so that students are being active. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Interesting Facts About Indian Republic Day

The Republic Day 2019 is around the corner,  and we are all prepared to celebrate it with all the zest, enthusiasm and patriotism like all the times.
The constitution of India came into the effect on 26th January 1950. Each year on this day, the Republic Day Celebration is held in the national capital, Delhi before the President Of India. The ceremonious parades take place at the Rajpath and just for that the people from all over the world come to see the glimpse of the unity and rich culture of the country.
There are many interesting facts associated with our Republic Day that every Indian must know and they can actually fill your heart with pride and joy.

  1.  The first ever Republic Day was celebrated after 3 long years after we got Independence.
  2. The First Republic Day Parade was held on 1955 At Rajpath.
  3. Indian Constitution is one of the unique constitutions in the world. It is one of the longest constitutions and has 448 articles in it.
  4. Republic Day celebration of India lasts for three days with the beating retreat ceremony on 29th January At Vijay Chowk.
  5. When India became a republic, it was the first country within the Commonwealth of Nations to do so.
  6. India adopted its national animal, the lion head from the Ashoka Pillar in Sarnath, on Republic Day in 1950.
We feel proud and honored to be a part of this grand constitution of India.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

3 Ways To Make This New Year More interesting For Preschool Students

The new year always comes up with happiness, fun, and sweets. Especially, when you are celebrating it with the kids. A new year is a time at which a new calendar year begins. Many countries and cultures celebrate in different manners and 1st January is also considered as National Holiday.
So, how you can celebrate It with your students!
Well, we have 3 best ways from which you can choose to celebrate with them.

  1. Hot Chocolate Party

Like adults celebrate their new year’s with different mocktails and cocktails, you can celebrate with your preschool kids too by organizing Hot Chocolate or fun Ice Cream bar.

   2. Theme Based Party

In this new year, You can also host a theme based party for your preschool students like "Hat theme", or "Costume theme" based party, where everyone should come wearing goofy hats and costumes.
The Poly Kids
The Poly Kids | Best Preschool 

 3.  Charades and Karaoke

You can also set up some fun competitions for the kids to enjoy their first day of the new year at the preschool. Competitions like Charades and karaoke music competitions are always fun with children.
You can create teams like boys and girls or dividing each group by their roll numbers. For Charades, you can give them interesting words (eating, thinking, painting etc). They have to act the word and the team members will guess the same to win a point.
Another competition is the Karaoke in which the participant will have to sing the song by seeing it’s lyrics on the TV/laptop screen. Whosoever will sing the best, takes the prize.

What’s more interesting is that you can do all the three options together and create the best party for your preschool students.

So, these are the best ways to celebrate the New Year 2019 with your preschool students. Do let us know what's your ways to celebrate with your preschool children.