Thursday, 3 January 2019

3 Ways To Make This New Year More interesting For Preschool Students

The new year always comes up with happiness, fun, and sweets. Especially, when you are celebrating it with the kids. A new year is a time at which a new calendar year begins. Many countries and cultures celebrate in different manners and 1st January is also considered as National Holiday.
So, how you can celebrate It with your students!
Well, we have 3 best ways from which you can choose to celebrate with them.

  1. Hot Chocolate Party

Like adults celebrate their new year’s with different mocktails and cocktails, you can celebrate with your preschool kids too by organizing Hot Chocolate or fun Ice Cream bar.

   2. Theme Based Party

In this new year, You can also host a theme based party for your preschool students like "Hat theme", or "Costume theme" based party, where everyone should come wearing goofy hats and costumes.
The Poly Kids
The Poly Kids | Best Preschool 

 3.  Charades and Karaoke

You can also set up some fun competitions for the kids to enjoy their first day of the new year at the preschool. Competitions like Charades and karaoke music competitions are always fun with children.
You can create teams like boys and girls or dividing each group by their roll numbers. For Charades, you can give them interesting words (eating, thinking, painting etc). They have to act the word and the team members will guess the same to win a point.
Another competition is the Karaoke in which the participant will have to sing the song by seeing it’s lyrics on the TV/laptop screen. Whosoever will sing the best, takes the prize.

What’s more interesting is that you can do all the three options together and create the best party for your preschool students.

So, these are the best ways to celebrate the New Year 2019 with your preschool students. Do let us know what's your ways to celebrate with your preschool children.

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